District Grading Policy


Glenpool Public Schools places strong value on its students and their development as learners. Throughout the student assessment and grade reporting process, it is important to emphasize our vision statement: To develop passionate, prepared, productive learners and thinkers.

The developments of these characteristics require that students receive fair, consistent and equitable feedback throughout the learning and measurement process with grades that can be accurately understood by all stakeholders.

Purpose of Grades

Grades should communicate the level of student mastery of skills and content of standards and provide feedback to stakeholders as follows:

  • to teachers to adjust instruction,
  • to students to motivate and effect future learning,
  • to parents for accountability.


The State of Oklahoma identifies the content standards that students should master.

The State of Oklahoma administers Criterion-Referenced Tests (CRTs) and End of Instruction Tests (EOIs) to measure student mastery of the content standards.

Classroom teachers have the primary responsibility to evaluate students and determine student grades.

Teachers are expected to:

  • collaboratively identify what students should learn based on Oklahoma State Standards and to focus on those standards by aligning and mapping standards vertically and horizontally.
  • collaboratively develop teaching activities based on standards.
  • collaboratively identify what evidence will be used to verify student mastery.
  • collaboratively identify what criteria will be used to judge evidence of learning.
  • collaboratively develop and administer benchmark assessments which measure student mastery of standards.

Each grade level or subject should use common grading types and weights to establish consistent, equitable grades for students thus demonstrating equality and consistency across the grade levels and between classrooms.

Grades should be fair for students and should provide flexibility needed to meet individual needs while allowing for individual learning styles and paces.

Grades will be updated regularly and in a timely manner to show student improvement and growth.

Grades should delineate and separate mastery and academics from non-academic achievements such as behavior, effort, investment and work ethic.

Grades should directly relate to student mastery of the content standards and should accurately reflect student learning.

Communicating the measurement of student mastery of content standards is defined as standards-based grading.  The District's goal is to develop a standards-based grading system.


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