Elementary Parent Transportation Procedures

PK, 1st - 5th Grades:  Follow the BLUE line.  BLUE line travels in front of the central area of the school and the 4/5 building.  BLUE line traffic may exit from the central parking lot and from the 4/5 parking lot. PK students may only exit a vehichle from the BLUE line.

KG:  Follow the GREEN (agua) line. GREEN line travels along the north area of the Early Childhool Center.  GREEN line exits to Warrior Road.

1st & 2nd Grades:  Follow the RED line.  RED line travels in front of the central area of the school.  RED line traffic must exit onto Warrior Road.  PK students may not use the RED line.

3rd - 5th Grades:  Follow the WHITE line.  WHITE line begins in the 4/5 parking lot and must exit onto Warrior Road.

Best Practice:  Follow the BLUE line if you have children in more than one grade, with this exception: children in KG must be dropped off using the green line, then move to the blue line. Students will not be allowed to go to other dismissal areas to meet siblings. All children must be picked up at their assigned location.  Working together we can ensure the safety of all students.

All students eating breafast need to be dropped off at the 4/5 entrance.

Parents of K-5, please wait to arrive until 3:00 at least to allow time for PK students to be picked up.

Do NOT park in drive through lanes at any time.  If you need to get out of your car, park in the lots provided.

All students should walk to class on their own beginning August 22.


Student Pick-up Name Plates


Each household will be issued 2 name-plates per student to be used when picking students up after school.  If you are using the car line, place the name plate in a prominent location of the dash.  Teachers will be able to see your student's name and call for them from the waiting area as your car approaches the loading zone. Parents who choose to park and walk up to meet their student will need to display their name plate as well.

Anyone picking up a student without a name plate must go to the main entrance and present their idenfication.  All persons picking up students

must be listed as a contact, or emergency contact for the student in Infiinte Campus.  In case of emergency, the parent may call the school office and make arrangements for an exception.

There will be a $5.00 replacement fee for lost name plates.   Name plate video...

Morning Drop Off Procedures



Walking Up


Car Line

When walking your student to the school entrance, park in the parking lot. Use the cross walks to safely access school entrances.

Walk Up Areas:

KG: North east doors by the Early Childhood awning

PK: Main entrance

1st-2nd: Double doors south of main entrance

3rd-5th: Entrance to 4/5 building


Please have your child ready to exit the vehicle when you arrive at school. It is important to keep the flow of traffic moving smoothly. If you need to write a check, fix hair, finish breakfast, or give instructions you must park your car and walk your student to the entrance. Remain in your vehicle at all times while in the car line.

KG Car Line Video

PK, 1st-5th Video

3rd-5th Video

Afternoon Dismissal Procedures



Walking Up


Car Line

When walking up to pick up your child, park in the parking lot.  Walk up to the door, display your parent pick-up name plate, and wait for your child to be called.

Walk Up Areas (locations will have signage):

KG:  From the 4-way stop, park in the grassy area north of the building and pick up at the north doors.

1st - 2nd: Pick up at the north doors of the K-2 cafeteria.

3rd-5th: Pick up at the north doors of the APB.


When in the car line, display the parent pick-up name plate clearly on the dash.

  • Stay in your car, do not get out.
  • Form a single line along the curb.
  • Be courteous, don't cut other people off.
  • Have your door unlocked.
  • Pull ahead as the line moves, don't stop.
  • Wait for the teacher and student to come to you, don't call for your student to run to your car.
  • Students load in the car door closest to the sidewalk.


  • Glenpool Public Schools
  • Independent District No. 13 Glenpool, OK 74033
  • Phone: 918-322-9500
  • Fax: 918-322-1529
  • Glenpool Public Schools
  • Independent District No. 13 Glenpool, OK 74033
  • Phone: 918-322-9500
  • Fax: 918-322-1529