At Glenpool Public Schools volunteers play a crucial role in enhancing the educational experience for students and supporting the school community. Increasing community and stakeholder involvement is one of our Strategic Planning objectives. Here's how you can get involved as a volunteer:

For the safety of the students, all volunteers are required to pass a background check. There are 2 levels of checks and the background check is good for 1 calendar year. 

  • Level 1:  $5 - for any volunteer who has access to the school building and children but are not directly supervising or working with students. Example:  attending class parties, working book fair, assisting in the office, assisting with events

  • Level 2:  $15 - for any volunteer who will be directly supervising or working with students. Example:  reading tutors, field days, trip chaperoning, organizing events, guest speaker, dance chaperone, assisting teacher in the classroom

  • Contact the School: Reach out to the school's administration to express your interest in volunteering. They will provide you with information about current volunteer opportunities and how you can contribute.

  • Identify Your Strengths: Determine your skills, interests, and areas where you can contribute effectively. 

  • Collaborate with Teachers: Reach out to your child's teachers to inquire about ways you can support classroom activities. 

  • Assist with Events: Schools often organize events like book fairs, science fairs, and cultural celebrations. Volunteering at these events can be a fun and engaging way to support the school community.

  • Be Reliable and Communicative: If you commit to a volunteer task or event, make sure you follow through and communicate if any changes in your availability arise.

  • Build Relationships: Establish positive relationships with teachers, staff, other parents, and, of course, your child's classmates. Your involvement can help create a strong sense of community within the school.

  • Celebrate Achievements: Take pride in your contributions and the positive impact you make on your child's education and the school as a whole.

By volunteering at your child’s school, you demonstrate your commitment to their education and well-being. Your involvement can make a significant difference in creating a positive and enriching learning environment for all students.